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We are trying to make this page useful to people from all cultures and religions, and therefore will formulate our theory independent from specific religious views about how the world (and the human being) was created. Here is the short version of the assumptions on which we base our mental training drills (go to  Detailed Theory  if you want more explanations and illustrations).

If you are religious though, the predictions at the end of the support page and the religious connections with software concepts in the mind might interest you.

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  Realize that your mind is a recorder.

  Realize that your mind has been recording reality all your life and is replaying it daily, often good and bad alike.

  Stop replaying the bad things and replay more of the good things!

  If you project new factors into the reality that others will record from you (and replay for many years), make sure that they consider the greatest good!



Go through this exercise at  least 20 times a day in some little (or bigger) aspect of your life. And reality will change - not only because you have stopped replaying bad things, but also because others will start to replay the good things they have recorded from you!


Are there any exercises that could help making this theory a little more practical? Yes: in the  drill section.




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