If the universe were a hologram...

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If the universe were a hologram and one part of that hologram were really murky and messed up - full of black spots and missing pieces and wrong patterns and incomplete lines: Where would you look for the reason?


Would you start to dig around in the projection that attracts all your attention because it fills the whole room with colors that glow in the dark?


Or would you turn around and have a look at the projector, the machine which brings it all into existence?


Where do you think that the problem most likely can be found: in the projection, which consists only of light rays, or in the projector, a complicated machine consisting of thousands of parts which have to cooperate smoothly for the whole miracle of holographic projection to function?


Life on this planet is a holographic projection created by many such machines. Our reality is like a 3-dimensional movie in the middle of a 3D-cinema. A whole choir of projectors is responsible for its quality, or lack thereof. But for some funny reason, whenever that movie becomes too cruel and too bloody, the projectors don't question what they project.


They look into the movie and blame everybody else for its bloodiness and cruelty - as if anybody else than themselves were projecting it!


Shouldn't they turn around and inspect themselves? Shouldn't they find the flaw in their construction that makes them so passive that they don't become really energic about giving the movie a better plot?


The movie of life on this planet, at least as far as human beings are concerned, is created by the fused projections of billions of human brains, or maybe the better word would be human minds.


If it goes bloody and cruel, it is these minds that need inspection and repair, not the holographic projection that is projected by the projectors.


All we see of life is life. We don't get the idea of looking at ourselves very often, at least not after the morning chores in the bathroom are done.


But in order to find what's wrong with the reality on this planet, we need to turn around and look at our own mind: the projector that makes it happen. Our attention must go into the opposite direction, a 180 degree U-turn from where we normally look. We must look into a mirror.


No amount of financial aid can replace this one essential activity: to inspect and repair the projectors of a reality that has become so fragile and dangerous that we don't even know whether our children will live long enough to become parents.


It is like it is because we make it so. We replay what we have recorded. We don't sort out the unacceptable in the reality that we replay. We don't sort out the unacceptable in the reality that others replay. We practice tolerance where tolerance becomes dangerous.


All this is done by our brains, or our minds that are situated in these brains. It is the minds that need repair if reality is flawed. First the minds, and then the actions (and non-actions!) that are directed by these minds.


We want to invite you to think about these things. Don't jump into doing something within a few seconds. Take some minutes off from the daily routine and just think about the relevance of the human mind for the state of affairs on this planet. And about the priority that mind-related work should have if we ever want to change anything for the better.


After that, we hope that you will find a way to make this priority stronger. You can start your own mental training route, pay for the therapy of a family member, send a donation to our project, do some of the drills or simply repeat the short mini-drill at the beginning of this website.


Just keep doing something. And tell your friends. And the friends of your friends. I want my kids - and your kids! - to live long enough to become parents.





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