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We are trying to make this page useful to people from all cultures and religions, and therefore will formulate our theory independent from specific religious views about how the world (and the human being) was created. If you are religious though, the predictions at the end of the support page and the religious connections with software concepts in the mind might interest you.

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 The First Cause


The workability of our exercises is based on the assumption that there is a First Cause, a creative force which engages in shaping matter as well as life forms, and that some of this life force is present in every living being.


Theoretically, the "scientific" idea of life crawling out of the mud "by accident" would not be impossible either, given the many billions of years that have been available for this process; however, even the top scientist Albert Einstein has said "God does not play dice", and today more and more scientists tend to believe that life has been formed by some kind of intent, not by accidental chemical reactions.


Our exercises would still work if the "life by accident" theory were true; but their underlying logic would no longer be valid. There would be no more human rights charter, no more freedom of speech, religion and sexual orientation. Darwin's club-law "The fittest survive" would then be the ruling principle of life on Earth.


The stronger could kill, butcher and eat the weaker, could abuse and enslave them as they wish - especially as their strength would only be measured in muscles (or Man's extended muscle, the high-tech weapon), not in wisdom, skills, creativity or compassion.





What makes our civilization into a culture, is the fact that we have not only evolved high enough to realize our own God-parentage, we also have learned to recognize the God-parentage of our fellow human, and to respect the beauty of the non-human creation that surrounds us, the animal and plant kingdoms.


Every living being harbors a spark of that creative force. Some would say they are animated by God, but this is a word with many definitions which mean very different things - see article about God on our main website. Therefore we prefer other words that cannot be misunderstood as easily - like, for instance, the "First Cause" or the "Supreme Being".


Various religions on this planet have gone into isolation from, or even opposition to other religions or other people; if humanity were a tree, we could say that they are each sitting on one branch of it. There are other branches, some of them in close vicinity and others very far away, on the opposite side - but all of them have one common root (see article What To Ask Of A Religion on our main website).


It is this common root from which a fine vein grows out into each and every individual person. Individuals are like leaves on a tree, they are each different but at the same time they are equal: because they are all growing out of the same root, even if they sit on totally opposite branches. (See article about the Tree of Life on our main website.)


And with this idea as a foundation, we can start to explore reality on our home planet - which in some areas is not really representing the principles just mentioned.



The interplay of these myriads of creative impulses is what forms reality (like millions of colored dots form an image)

The more individuals take on a dark color the darker will be the overall image (reality on this planet)

The more individuals take on a bright color the brighter will be the overall image (reality on this planet)

Any attempt to change reality must therefore go through the individuals who compose it

No individual can ever be unimportant because only a change in many individual "dots" can make a noticeable difference in the overall image

The only way to a brighter reality on this planet is to motivate as many individuals as possible to change from a dark to a bright "dot" in the overall image

Every human mind is a recorder.

It has been recording reality all its life and is replaying these recordings daily, often good and bad alike.

The recorder needs an upgrade - it must get a "smart chip", a selection feature that allows only constructive recordings to be replayed and actively pulls destructive recordings out of the replaying stream

Some (not all) of these recorders have the additional feature of projecting new ideas into reality. These new ideas must also undergo the selection in the "smart chip" and should enter reality only if they consider the greatest good.

Did you notice? You just found the fourth step that comes after the first three have been well trained. Here are all four as a reminder:





  Realize that your mind is a recorder.

  Realize that your mind has been recording reality all your life and is replaying it daily, often good and bad alike.

  Stop replaying the bad things and replay more of the good things!

  If you project new factors into the reality that others will record from you (and replay for many years), make sure that they consider the greatest good!



Go through this exercise at  least 20 times a day in some little (or bigger) aspect of your life. And reality will change - not only because you have stopped replaying bad things, but also because others will start to replay the good things they have recorded from you!


Are there any exercises that could help making this theory a little more practical? Yes: in the  drill section.




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