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These mental training exercises teach you and your friends to realize how you keep reality in place

Knowing this rationally is not the same as exercising the mental activity to a point of instinctive (not automatic!) fluence. Like in piano playing, typing, bike riding or driving a car, there is a certain amount of practice required until the mental activity of supporting or not supporting a piece of reality is well sensed and can be handled with reliability in daily life.


Do the following drills until you have developed a distinct feeling of where your support is. This feeling can become - and should become - nearly physical.


You can choose from many drills - no need to do the same drill until it is boring you! But come back to them at a later time and repeat them until you are certain that you can precisely give or withhold your support from any component of life at will, and are fully aware of what you are (mentally) doing.



The drills on this website are simple - maybe too simple for some very educated readers with a lot of background.


The reason to make them so simple was the following: this way, they can be used without tedious, time- and money-consuming study.


But simple as they are, they are essential - just think of how essential breathing is, the most simple activity in life!


Some drills still under construction...


The Parrot Drill The Chair Drill The Straw Drill
The Punching Drill The Hands Drill The Balloon Drill
The Plagiarist Drill The Pullover Drill The Flashlight Drill
Tree Of Life Drill The Count-Down Drill Free Choice Drill
The Piano Drill The Count-Up Drill Disobedience Drill
The OOP Drill   Greatest Good Drill



If you have played with these simple drills and liked them, maybe you want to have a look at the detailed drills which are more serious and thorough. They also help to understand the enormous importance of mental development for the condition of Planet Earth, which is the one and only home to all of us, and its fragile future.


There is much more that can be done with mental training. But experience has shown that most people of those who even show an interest in the first place, drop the subject again for - in most cases - two reasons:

But the reality on our planet, which is created by human minds - insufficiently trained human minds - beyond any doubt, HAS to be changed, or we will very soon nuke ourselves out of all the precious little projects like getting rich or bringing up children which now keep us so busy that we don't have the time and the money to take care of our mental fitness.


So, if the above two reasons not only keep you from a thorough study of mental training, but don't even allow you the time and attention to play with our short drills, please do at least one of the two following things:



  Realize that your mind is a recorder.

  Realize that your mind has been recording reality all your life and is replaying it daily, often good and bad alike.

Stop replaying the bad things and replay more of the good things!


Go through this exercise at  least 20 times a day in some little (or bigger) aspect of your life. And reality will change - not only because you have stopped replaying bad things, but also because others will start to replay the good things they have recorded from you!



There is a fourth step for you when the first three are well trained. You can find it on the theory pages.




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