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Mental training drill to exercise the awareness of the support or non-support of a piece of reality. For two or more people. You can practice it at a party, in school, in the office and everywhere else, but also in the back seat of a car while somebody else is driving, or during a plane or train journey.


  • Ask every person who wants to participate to hold out a hand.

  • Have them move all hands together so that they nearly touch.

  • Put a book, a sheet of paper or another unbreakable object on top of the hands, so that it is supported by each of the participating persons.

  • Now ask the participating people to slowly pull out their hands. Let them do it one by one, not all at the same time.

  • After most of the hands are gone, as the next hand goes out, have them watch the object drop to the floor.

  • Repeat the drill, but now use a piece of paper on which you have written a thing that all of you who participate in the drill really don't like in your society. Have a look at some social habits and some cultural patterns to get an idea about what to write onto the paper, but use an item that is known to all of you from your own life.

  • As the participating people pull out their hands under the paper, ask them to get the idea that it is their support they are pulling back from underneath the cultural pattern they do not like - not just a hand from underneath a piece of paper.

  • Discuss the exercise with the people who have participated until they feel good about it or have some new insights.



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