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Mental training drill to exercise the selective replaying of a piece of reality that has been recorded by the human mind. For people who have humor and like fun. It can be done with children at school, even in kindergarten, but don't hesitate to do it with adults as well! They even can be immobilized, as in hospital beds etc.


Explain the rules: One person is the loudspeaker, the others are recorders. The loudspeaker speaks or sings a string of words (can be on a popular tune), the others must repeat it. Go through that exercise until every person who participates has been the loudspeaker once.

Now have the loudspeaker speak or sing a string of words where some nasty words are mixed in. Tell everybody what exactly the nasty words can be. The recorders must filter out the nasty words and say or sing "hmp!" instead. Every recorder who replays a nasty word pays a fine of a small coin (good opportunity to get rid of some change...) Let everybody be the loudspeaker at least once.


Congratulate all the recorders to their beautifully working "smart chips" that have made such an intelligent difference between what can be replayed and what cannot be replayed. Then put all the fines together and buy some icecream or another treat for everybody. Enjoy!



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