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This website tries to do the impossible.

It tries to change the fragile, dangerous reality on this planet by working with the human minds that keep making it happen.

Huge voluminous subjects have failed to do so. Psychology, psychiatry, religion, clearing practices and mental trainers all try to change our reality for the better by working with human minds - but it is still bad and you can watch it getting worse.

We believe one reason might be that all these things are too complicated, require too much work, effort, time and money.

The simplicity of the job is stated below. There are only three steps to do. Repeat them daily and reality will change!

Additionally, this website gives you two toolboxes with mental training drills - a set of short drills and a set of detailed drills - to help you learn the necessary mental skills in small steps. But basically, all you need to do is this:


  Realize that your mind is a recorder.

  Realize that your mind has been recording reality all your life and is replaying it daily, often good and bad alike.

Stop replaying the bad things and replay more of the good things!


Go through this exercise at  least 20 times a day in some little (or bigger) aspect of your life. And reality will change - not only because you have stopped replaying bad things, but also because others will start to replay the good things they have recorded from you!



There is a fourth step for you when the first three are well trained. You can find it on the theory pages.




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