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This website is a service of the  Mental Training Workgroup  in Austria. It offers mental training tools specifically tailored to exercise the awareness of how to shape and change reality by giving and taking away support to or from its individual components, and by selectively - not automatically - replaying its features that have been recorded by the human mind.

We are not offering mental training courses or any other paid services on this website. Its sole purpose is to give you a set of instant tools that can help you to make this planet a better place and secure a future for yourself and your children.

If you have found these exercises useful, please support RecastReality! We need your help to make it known as widely as possible.


Arbeitskreis für spirituelle Grundlagenforschung und mentales Training

Hackstock 5

A-4273 Unterweissenbach


Phone: +43-7956-69441
Fax: +43-7956-69447

There is a lot of things to understand about the human mind. Incredible positive changes can happen in everybody's life just by reserving the time for two or three mental training sessions every week.

However, the issue at hand - to do something about the dangerous condition of our planet, caused by human minds that are not trained enough to keep it in good shape - cannot wait for complex activities that may require months, if not years.

Therefore we have created this concise website which concentrates on the job without the ballast of a lot of theory, or extensive mental training programs that take a long time to complete.

Of course it also does not cover many of the aspects of life that can be improved by optimizing the human mind - which is their manager - in all areas that may need optimizing. Have a look at our  main website  if you are interested in these things.



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